I can't send any mail via smtp. There is no internal mailserver.
Everything worked fine for years, but some time ago some mails didn't
reach their destination. Presently I can't send any mail at all.
Pop3 works without problems, but I can't send mail via SMTP. The data are
temporarily stored in sys\etc\spool\outgoing. After 3x5 minutes they are
deleted without being sent and without any report of errors. Filter rules
are okay.
Meanwhile I have found out that the mail proxy tries to send the mail but
it takes the wrong address. Instead of sending it to the mail server of my
ISP it uses the mail's MX entry and tries to send it to the mail recipient
In bordermanager setup - mail proxy configuration - the entries are
correct to my mind: internal and pop3 mail server both
have "post.strato.de" but somehow the bordermanager doesn't seem to read
these entries.
My configuration:
Novell 5.1 SP7, bordermanager enterprise edition 3.6, BM 3.6 C02 and SP2a