I'm going to replace an old HW-server running NW6.5 with a new one running OES2-SP2 Linux.

The old on i running:
- NDPS/iPrint

This is very standard File/Print-server.

So there is a way to do migrating over LAN and i know how to do this NW->NW, but i never doen NW->OES2 Linux.
I need some advice about how to setup the new OES2 so it is ready to receive migrating-data.

- How do i set up NSS? Do need to set it up with equal NSS-volumes(Names)?
- How do i migrate DNS and DHCP?
- I've heard allot bad things about migratin iPrint. Maybe its better to setup iPrint manual?

Or is it more recommended to just do this manual and not using Migrating Wizard?