Hello out there

We had the slow login problem to, but now its over ( juhuuuu)

Here is what the problem is:

If you run af zac zc -l you will se the closest server rule implied to the workstation.

Ok in the authentication field look at the server list

http://server1:445 (only host-name not the FQDN)
http://server2:445 (only host-name not the FQDN)

Tried to ping server host-name ( not FQDN) no answer.
Then i made a our network guy do a DNS record to point the hostname of the server to the IP, because the client can resolve the FQDN ( fully qualified domain name)and reverse but not the HOST-NAME! wich the client gets from the server object name.

When i did that login time when from 3-5 min to 1 min.!

Ps. the TID about editing the ( Times to retry requests to a busy server ) and so on, helped me a little, before it took about 20 min, because the server is not busy! it can not be found!

Hope this helps you guys out there.

Over and out.