We upgraded to GW 8.0.0 and then 8.0.2, but left the WebAccess alone and
working until today. This morning I performed an upgrade to our WebAccess
6.5.6 which resides on a separate (NetWare 6.5) server than all the other
GroupWise components.

WebAccess, Apache and Tomcat all appear to load without issue. I have also
rebooted the server.

It appears that the URL is now http://server.domain.com/gw/webacc instead of
http://server.domain.com/servlet/webacc but neither works anymore. All I get
is a "server not found" message in my browser.

Just going to http://server.domain.com gives the same result as does

This is not something I deal with on a regular basis (last time was 4 years
ago) so my knowledge of Apache and Tomcat is minimal at best. WebAccess has
always "just worked" in the past, so any help anyone can provide would be
greatly appreciated.