We have had several instances lately where users have sent to a large group while in caching mode. Most of the recipients receive the email without issue, but about a third or more do not. When checking the properties of those intended recipients, the status shows pending, and the time stamp is from 1969. Sending an identical email to the same groups afterward usually results in no failures.

I have not been able to track anything down in the logs, and of course cannot duplicate the problem. As far as I can tell, this is only happening in one post office so far. I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary in regard to the health of the system, no high utiliztion.

Anyone have a similar issue? How might I go about troubleshooting when it cannot be duplicated in a consistent manner?

System is single GW 8.0.1 Hp1 domain running on GW 6.5 SP7, all agents running same version. PO in question is on the same server.

Thanks in advance,