This is a re-post of a messges sent ot GW7 GWIA forum. I am re-posting here in case the issue applies to all versions of GroupWise.

We are using GW 6.5 clients and 7.0.2 GWIA running using the /MIME switch. One of my users consistently has difficulty SENDING an HTML message to a particular set of recipients all at the same destination (about whose e-mail system I know nothing). The recipients report garbled content when my user sends in HTML, but receipt is OK when plaintext is used.

Once in a while in the past 5 years I've had this happen and my pat response is always that if it happens only erratically it is just a transmission hiccup, but if it happens consistently with a given recipient, then the problem is at the receiving end--probably some Exchange problem, but I don't know Exchange well enough to point to a likely source.

It's always easy to point somewhere else. But is there a way to be sure that the fault is NOT with GroupWise? Is there anything I should be checking at my end either with the GWIA, client or anywhere else?


Peter Smick