Current TCP update
3 NICS, B57 public/private/DMZ
Reverse Proxy configured for internal Web site
Filters installed and configured.
Dell PE2650

Web Server:

When accessing an internal web site with a reverse proxy configured on the
BM server, a error 400 is returned for the port 80 site. The reverse proxy
works fine when accessing the same server site on port 443.

Access within the private LAN works w/o errors for both sites.

The sites are located on a W2K3 server with IIS 6 and ASP.NET. Both sites
are using active pages and are accessed at the same IP address on the MS
server. Both web sites are installed to two diffrent virtual web sites on
the server. One site is configured for port 80 only. The other for port
443 only with a site certificate installed.

Packet captures at the BM box and at the web server are identical. Captures
show the correct HTTP GET request with the correct site name. Packets
returned by the web server return a 400 error INVALID NAME.

Turned off filters and the results are the same.

Removed the reverse proxy for the web sites and configured a NAT to the web
site address with filters configured and on. Works fine. That is my
temporary work around.

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.