Hello to all,
I have a BM 3.8 sp4 installed on a NW6.5 sp5 server with 2gb of memory. I
have no major problems with my set up exept the following issue.
I set up user to have acces to the internet via proxy authentication and I
set up the users based on their credential to access and log in only during
particular hours of the day.
The user are students and based on my set up I set up rules to give access
only until a particular hour of the day. Still I see some user having
activity pass the hour or user using messaging such as yahoo or msn after
the log in time is expired.
My question is how can I prevent a user to have acces on the internet for
either browsing or chatting after 10pm?

One of my idea was to set a server parameter to unload the proxy at 10 pm!

Thank you in advance I would like to have the issue resolved soon as
possible and all your help would be appreciated.