Hi everyone.

We have several buildings with users so we would like to have bundles installed interactively. When I say interactively I mean asking the permission to the user to install.
And then we have a disaster recovery site that needs to be prepared for the exercises (at least twice every year), so we would like the bundles to be silent.
Finally we would like to have only one bundle for an application. We wouldn’t like to have one bundle for silent installation and another for interactively. We could have 2 group bundles though.
We are thinking of something like:
1. Have a bundle that installs the application silently, with a requirement for a particular file.
2. Have a group bundle for interactively, that has 2 actions.
2.1. The first asks the user the permission to install. If the user says yes we create a file on the local PC. If the user says no, we do nothing.
2.2. The second action is the bundle that installs the application silently but with the requirement of the file created in the previous action. So if the file exists it installs. If it doesn’t exist, we does nothing.
3. Then we could have another group bundle for the silent install, with 2 actions:
3.1. The first is to create the file on the local PC.
3.2. The second is the bundle defined in 1.

i) Can this work?
ii) Is there a simpler way?
iii) What happens when the user says no? The only way to run it again is to check for errors, and identify who say no, then activate that group bundle, again, only for those?

Thanks for the help, TA.