We have ZCM 10.3.1 on an OES server.

Everything worked as expected until we added satellite servers (WinXP) to sync the windows-bundles and imaging.
We see different issues:

1) Windows bundle content replication is started, but is halted on 52% and doesn't continue.
2) Image replication never starts.
3) Login on ZCM Center is not possible. Login window is shown, authentication never completes.
4) CPU utilisation on OES server goes for 99% (or more) to the database service (dbserv10)
5) Memory usage goes up from a beginning of 1GB to full after a couples days(=4GB) on the OES server.
6) Even after a reboot of the OES server, the utilisation of dbserv10 goes immediate to 99%.

We have tried the CDPWebCallWaitTimeout value but no success.

I suspect there are some big/nasty queries on the db active.
Is there a command to reset/flush the db queue, or has someone a clue what's going on?

Thanks in advance