I'm trying to get roaming profiles working with Windows 7 but no success. I've created a roaming profile policy, DLU and group policy for an admin user. All of them seem to apply but it is not creating the files in the users home directory, instead its using a local profile.

In System Properties > User profiles, I see the user type=roaming but status=temporary. In Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Users > User account > profile tab, it shows the UNC path which I specified in the ZCM roaming profile policy. eg. \\server\vol1\users\testuser.

The users home drive is a Netware 6.5 NSS folder which the user has RW rights. I've also "enabled" the GPO setting "do not check for user ownership of Roaming Profiles Folders". I've tried copying a default user profile to the home drive too.

ZCM 10.3.1
Windows 7 Pro

DLU policy:
Member of administrators group
Manage existing user (if any)
Cache volatile user (30 days)
Have applied field test fix for this.

Any ideas?