I am running a speed test from http://www.wugnet.com/myspeed/speedtest.asp
to confirm susspisions of slow download speeds from outside of our LAN. We
are using BM 3.7 SP3 and we have a dedicated T1 Internet connection.

Users are complaining of very sluggish responces when connecting to our
internal servers such as Groupwise, FTP, web, and other sevices when they
are accessed from the Internet outside of our LAN.

So I ran a test at the site above, as well as others and we are getting
anywhere from 950kbs to 1.4Mbs per second download speeds while
downloading files from the Internet to a client on the local LAN. However,
the outgoing upload speeds are horible and are averaging only 39kbps to
about 300kbps.

So I setup a client in the DMZ zone and when I run the same test it shows
we are averaging about 1.3mbps both uploading and downloading. So I am
surmizing that there is a problem somewhere in the BM configuration
causing these delays. I tried unloading the filters to no avail. I really
am not sure where to start troubleshooting this. The health monitor shows
everthing is good. I also tried unloading the proxy and clearing the cache
and purging all of the volumes and the speed out did not improva at all.

Please help me determine what I need to look for to resolve this issue.