Call me stupid but this is what I did, prior to upgrading from 8.01hp1 to 8.0.2 on Netware. We had created a new WebAccess server on linux and did not need the old Netware WebAccess. So just before the upgrade I deleted all the WebAccess components, then the MTA then tried to delete the Domain. Everything went well except for the domain. When attempting to delete the domain I get the error message "Unable to delete because subordinate GroupWise objects still exist.". I see no objects under this domain. I looked at information on this object and I get a 1 by Gateways. I have done a validate, recover and rebuild without any change. I don't see any pending processes. Not wanting to waste our scheduled downtime we upgraded the rest of the system to 8.0.2 and everything went great. How do I delete this old WebAccess Domain?