Howdy all: I am trying to make life easier (although I question that
now) by setting up my browsers to auto-configure thier proxy settings.
I have followed several tips and have a great WORKING proxy.pac file. I
can configure Firefox 1.5.x and IE6 to using the pac file from either a
locale file or off of the BM miniserver

So I wnated to make the last big step adn set my browsers up to
automatically detect the proxy settings without any customation or user
input. I created a wpad.dat file (copy of proxy.pac) and placed it
under htdocs on an internal web server (not BM) which has port 80 open.
I also setup a dns entry for wpad.

So, I setup firefox to autodetect and it WORKS. I then tried IE6 and
it fails. I have got to be close here. Are there some things I should
look at?? I don't understand why Firefox works and IE6 does not??

Can you help me?? Thanks, Chris.

PS: While banning IE woudl be great and would solve the problem, it is
not an option.