Hi all

I have a problem deploying some IE trusted sites to all our users.

I have previously been able to do this by editing the Local Group Policy, but am finding that what ZCM is telling me now, doesn't make sense. Here's what I'm doing when I edit the policy:

GP Helper in the ZCM console brings up the Group Policy window, then I proceed as follows:

Local Computer Policy / User Configuration / Internet Explorer Maintenance / Security / Security Zones and Content Ratings, click Continue to the prompt about Enhanced Security Configuration, then click Modify Settings.

When I go to the Security tab and open Trusted Sites, the sites I entered are no longer listed (the list is empty), BUT if I try to add the sites back in, I am told that "This Site is already in the Trusted Sites Zone".

If I log on as a user that has this policy applied, the sites are not in the Trusted Sites list.

I really don't want to be in position where I have to do this through a bundle, I figure that's what policy is for! I'm also concerned that if this part of policy is showing some weirdness, maybe other parts of my policy are no longer being applied properly too.

Just a bit stumped at the moment. Has anyone else seen this issue, or has any suggestions for me?