Hi there

We have an issue that cookie-based authentication though SSL Bordermaneger
is not logging users browsing history. Thus not knowing if a cookie is
correctly used or if ip authentication is still used(some functionality as
client trust)

We get a Bordermanager login screen when i access internet, and can
succesfully login and browse.
We also use pxyauth.exe

The network situation is a BM38SP3 on NW65SP3 in a Windows 2003 terminal
server/Citrix PSE 4.0 R01 environment.
I use the Proxy.cfg from http://www.craigjconsulting.com/proxycfg.html,
the only thing i changed is

the option BM_Forward_Cookie= from 0 to 1.

Additionally i use the following

[Authentication Subnets]
; thin client addresses

[Authentication Addresses]
;Citrix server address


My goal is to use bordermanager cookie based ssl authentication on Citrix
to workaround the client trust limitation. I also would like to see users
browsing history in Bordermanager access control log