Hello: I have been asked to setup auto-proxy for our company to deal
with an ever increasing number of sites which require our Docs to
bypass our proxy but still use ssl. I also wanted to tackle teh
problem of visitors who wish to use our internet without having to go
to thier laptop and configure it.

So I have developed proxy.pac files for each type of user group
depending on thier needs. These have been tested and found to work. I
also have a general wpad.dat file setup for vistors.

My question is how to deliver these settings. We use ZENworks heavily
which greatly increased my options. So I could:

1. push settings via registry changes using ZfD
2. push settings via windows group policies pointing IE to specific
proxy.pac files.
3. Just set the proxy settings for IE directly via windows group
policies rather than #2 above.
4. push settings for proxy.pac file via registry changes using ZfD.
5. Somehow configure 1 big proxy.pac/wpad.dat file to handle all
situations (don't know if this is possible).

As you see the possibilies are diverse in implementation.

I favor #4 as I also have many users who use Firefox. Since Firefox
will also read proxy.pac files, it seemed to make sense to push the
locations of the file (IE and firefox use common proxy.pac file) using
ZfD to change registry settings to point the browsers to the correct

So what should I do?? Appreciate the advise, Chris.