In the vacation rule wizard it allows you to define what date your vacation
starts but not the time. So if I'm going to be away starting tomorrow (Nov
3rd) and back in the office on Nov 10th, you would choose Nov 3rd as the
start date and Nov 9th as the end date. However this means that the rule
would only kick in at midnight tonight, however I'm really out of the office
from 5pm, so anyone who sends between 5pm and midnight while I'm technically
on vacation won't know about it.

Is there a way to tell it to start at a certain time too? Certainly I don't
see an option box for this so guess not, but isn't this a problem that is

I realize that I can define the vacation rule to start today, then disable
it, and enable it when I'm leaving, but if I forget...

Comments appreciated, cheers