So my 10.3.1 upgrade went horribly wrong. I had a backup made right before the upgrade. I didn't know it went horribly wrong as I only saw a Java RPM failure and fist level support said that wasn't a big deal. Ends up it was.

After 3 months the database is rebuilt and now I find the servers are missing content. So the content is being recovered.

Anyway, I found something out which speeds up firing up new satellites.

I was able to take an existing satellite at a remote location, issue the command on the new satellite;
robocopy "\\existingSATpcname\c$\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\work\content-repo\content" "c:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\work\content-repo\content" *.zc /s /z

which gets content from the existing satellite to the new satellite, then issue

zac cvc

It will tell me a lot of content is out of sync, which is all the content I just replicated. Then issue another

zac cvc

which tells me everything is in sync. This save me many weeks of pulling content across the wire, or trying to forkload it from a USB drive. Of course, if I didn't already have a satellite at the remote location it wouldn't have helped. Zen will checksum the files and purge invalid ones every so often, so it might be necessary to end the local satellite ZCM services while the robocopy is occurring.

I also found that this can help get a satellite which is stuck on a bad piece of content to move beyond it.

Posted so I can Google it next time this happens, and hopefully it helps others.