Hi there,

At my workplace we have recently installed two Bordermanager 3.8 proxy
servers (On Netware 6.5) one on the LAN for direct access from
workstations, and its parent in the DMZ which connects to the Internet. For
awhile this was all going well, until we were informed by our ISP that our
internet usage has been very excessive.

We checked the logs again and again for the culprit but to no avail, until
I checked the 'show origin proxies by most data directly received' option
on the Parent server and realised that most downloaded traffic came from
online radio stations, which were still being downloaded.

After restarting the parent server the traffic dropped back significantly,
but it appears that the users listening to the online radio stations had
been only for a short time (the logs show that they had only a minimal
amount of downloaded data from those sites) and yet the parent
Bordermanager server was still downloading continously days after the
connection was severed.

Obviously we are taking steps to ensure that users do not access online
radio stations, however this issue is a major concern to the IT department.
I would be very appreciative if someone could let us know what steps should
be taken to ensure this does not happen again.


Erik Hogan