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Thread: I was getting the shakes...

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    I was getting the shakes...

    I couldn't access NNTP from work anymore! I thought someone put the
    kibosh on it upstream, and made them chase down a red herring for a few
    hours (days?). Anyway, it was my stupid astaro box and it's "intrustion
    This lovely snort rule:
    alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET 119 -> $HOME_NET any (msg:"A NNTP XHDR buffer
    overflow attempt"; gid:3; classtype:attempted-user; metadata: engine
    shared, soid 3|12636; sid:50012636
    seems to think anything coming in from port 119 is the devil, all
    because lookout express has a buffer overflow exploit.

    Anyway, crisis averted. I can now successfuly waste the remainder of my
    time at work.

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    Re: I was getting the shakes...

    We now have internet police and a lot of "access denied" windows are appearing (advertising sidebars) heheheheh I like it.

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