Hello everyone,

We're migrating to SLES10/OES2SP2 from Netware 6.5 and using NSS volumes on linux. Backup software is Backup Exec 2010 R2. Prior to migrating to the linux file server, through reading various sources I came to understand that linux filesystems do not support the archive bit, so our full and differential rotation has to use modified time. I've also come to find out that modified time for differential isn't supported on Netware (at least on Backup Exec), so I've seperated my Netware and Linux jobs. Things are actually working fine. But then I came across some info, it's actually way back from 2005 in the original OES NCP server for linux admin guide as seen here


It mentions one of the options for NCP server of being able to "Enable Archive bit" along with inheriting posix permissions. And then I look in the current version of this document


and it mentions "The configurable DOS Archive Bit parameter is no longer available."

Really the reason I am asking is that while the jobs run fine it does seem like modification time isn't as great of an incremental/differential method as archive bit, for example they say copied or moved files won't be backed up until the next full because modified time doesn't change. So before I go ahead and set up all new migrated linux/nss servers to use modified instead of archive bit, can anyone confirm 100% that archive bit is not supported?

Thanks very much in advance.