What are the default folders that should be set to syncing to the phones? I didn't see anything in the docs, but I could have easily missed that. It used to be that (GWmobile 2 & 3 I think) wanted a folder called "Unfiled" where it sent any contacts created on the phone that were not put into a folder. That doesn't work, with Android at least.

What it does do, is very strange.
0. You have two phones hooked into the same email account. In my case, an Epic & a Hero (both Sprint).
1. Let's say you have two folders set to sync - Unfiled (legacy) and Contacts (because the program seems to want a folder named "Contacts" - if you don't have one it will frequently rename your first syncing folder as "Contacts" on the phone side).
2. You add a new contact, but are unable to put the contact into a folder (the Sprint Epic, for example, does not allow you to change the folders that Exchange contacts are assigned to evidently - I just received a test model and this "feature" is driving me crazy).
3. The contact will show up on the other phone, but not in either of the syncing folders in your Groupwise address book. What? Crazy right? No - it's in Frequent Contacts!
4. Even though you don't have Frequent Contacts set to sync... the contact created on your phone is syncing "via" Frequent Contacts (while the rest of your Frequent Contacts are, thankfully, NOT syncing).

I'm guessing that Groupwise by default sets contacts with no "folder" attribute to show in Frequent Contacts... or something?

Anyway. What am I doing wrong here?

Note: I just verified that it does not matter what folder you put the contacts in (the Hero lets you file them), they still show up in Frequent Contacts and sync to the other phone mostly in the correct folder ("none" on the Hero -> "Not Assigned" on the Epic, "Contacts"->"Contacts" and "Unfiled"->does not sync !?!?).