I have been working on a ZCM 10.3.1 issue for the last two days which are causing long login times as well as high CPU usage (94 - 100%) I implimented TID 7006967 with some success. So far I have had better login times but have noticed that the CPU report on my VMWare server is still showing frequent high utilization (100%). I am noticing it stays high for a minute may be 2 and then drops to what I would have expected to be normal levels. This pattern is constant almost looking like a heart beat. From what I could see the login times are still normal but I am concerned that once I have students trying to log back in tomorrow morning that the work load will cause the CPU's to go back to high utilization all the time causing long login times. The login times were between 15 and 30 minutes. All during this time the CPU utilization would stay around 94% to 100% (VMWare performance graph).

Is the CPU usage I am seeing now normal or should I expect more issues as the number of computers start to login to the network?

SLES10.2 on VMWare ESX3.5
ZCM10.3.1 with TID 7006967 implemented.
(Tried to install ZRS with a failure that I stopped working on once this issue started Monday morning. The ZRS install failure was on Wednesday and again on Thursday. Didn't think it was related but thought I would mention it.)