We are running Zenworks v10 with all the updates. We are trying to create a lock-down policy for our users. When I log in to the ZCM using a windows 7 box I can configure all the policies okay and they work. The issue is when I log into the system as a user I'm only receiving part of the policy. I have checked the messages inside of the ZCM and it shows that there was an error, but it does not give any error code or any info as to why. We do have the policy set to continue on error which is why I'm only receiving half of the policy. I'm not sure how to determine what is causing the policy to error.
I have set the relationship to the device. I then set the relationship to the user. I tried switching it from user first then device to device first then user. I have even tried different versions of windows 7 on different types of systems. All are doing the same thing.
We have many windows XP systems online and we have them locked-down with no issues. So I do not think it has to do with the setup of the server or the network in any way, but to be honest I'm at my wits end on this.
I would like to know if anyone else has this same issue and what they did to resolve it, or what would be the best way to determine what is causing the policy to fail in the first place.
I know this is a very vague description but I was not sure what other info to provide that might assist someone in helping me.