I am running two servers with Novell SBS 6.0 sp4. Server "A" is running
Border Manager 3.6 sp2a. I have FTP setup on server "B" on
192.xxx.xxx.22. Runs fine from inside fire wall if 192.xxx.xxx.22 is
used for domain address.

When I trace the packet coming in from the outside the host is
66.xxx.xxx.20 (Test Ip outside fire wall) and the destination is

I have setup reverse proxy for 192.xxx.xxx.22 for 66.xxx.xxx.100 (Main
public IP).

I can not get it to resolve to 192.xxx.xxx.22 instead of 192.xxx.xxx.25

What would be causing this? It still does it when ipflt is unloaded.

Just wondering,