Hello !

ZCM 10.3.0a
Windows 7

We are currently implanting Zenworks 10 and we have somes problems with the bundle caching. In our company, anyone can log on any computer and there profile follow them. Each user have there own applications associate to there user account.

My problem :
If i create a bundle INTERNET_EXPLORER that i associate to UserX and UserY. This application have the default homepage in Install tab (HKCU keys as default value, not force) and in lauch IE in Lauch tab.

If i use the option "Install once per user per device ", who ever connect on the computer and use this bundle get the key and it's fine.

BUT.. If we delete the user profile (corrupted profile for somes reasons) and the user relog on this computer, it won't reinstall the "install part" of the bundle..
We solved that problem on Zen7 by disable caching but looks like we can't on ZCM ..

Someone have a idea to solve my problem ?