I'm running into a problem with one of my users here with their email. They started receiving email sporadically from years ago that they had already either deleted or moved and etc and their quick search/find was also not working. I received this message in the PO using adrem "The database facility reported error [C042] on user85j.db". I ran a analyze/fix and structural rebuild in C1 to no avail on the user. Now when we go into her email, she has only emails from today (after everything was ran on her user from C1) in her in box and it still shows all of her folders from her cabinet but they are all empty and she says there should probably be over 1000 emails total with everything. I was planning on restoring just her user from a backup I ran recently. I'm using the below link to restore it or if there is something better I could really use the help. According to the link it states to restore the entire PO to a restore folder. My PO is over 70gb's, i don't have enough space on my GW server for this. Is there a easier way or another way with out having to restore the entire PO? any help would be great

PO 8.0.1 hp1
client 8.0.1 hp1

Cool Solutions: Restoring GroupWise E-mails and Accounts