I am using Border Manager 3.6 Sp2a and placed all the reverse proxy
filters in from Craig Johnsons Filter book for FTP (Great book!). Our
ISP had moved our FTP address to another IP address and I had them put it
back only after screwing with many different settings, to many to
remember. If I use the reverse proxy from a secondary Public IP Address
it works fine without filters loaded. If I reverse proxy from the primary
address without filters it does not work.

Anyway, this is how I would like for the system to be setup. Let me know
if it is wrong.

Server "A" Border Manager Settings:
66.xxx.xxx.100 - Primary IP Address
66.xxx.xxx.17 - .22 Secondary Addresses
192.xxx.xxx.16 Private Address

Server "B" FTP Server
192.xxx.xxx.22 Host IP Address (FTP and GroupWise WebAccess loaded on
this IP Address)
192.xxx.xxx.25 Secondary Address

I have setup all the FTP Filters per Craig Johnson book for Reverse Proxy
using the 66.xxx.xxx.100 address

I have set the reverse FTP for 192.xxx.xxx.22 and 66.xxx.xxx.100

FTP directly in the office such as ftp://ken@192.xxx.xxx.22 works fine.

I have no idea what I have screwed up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.