Normally when I encounter a website which doesn't want to render properly
through our Bordermanager 3.8 SP3 proxy, I just bypass the proxy. In this
particular case I would prefer not to do that, although it does resolve
the problem.
The site in question is
Through Bordermanager (with no applicable proxy access rule restrictions)
the green 'tabs' along the top of the site page are wrongly sized and the
text in most tabs is badly aligned or not visible at all.
The Shortcuts column (eg "> What's new on the site") displays bullet-point
dots in addition to the > arrows. Over all the site looks like a dog's
I am hoping one of you is going to tell me there is either a patch for
this or a proxy.cfg setting I need to change. I don't usually visit the
forums so appologise if this topic has come up before. Because of the
nature of the problem (no error code or unique keywords) it's hard to
search for anything on the Novell Knowledgebase.
I have nothing to do with the scripting behind the
website I hasten to add.