For some reason my /var/log/messages file went haywire and ended up around 350 Mb. I've renamed it and created a new one but the system seems to have got itself into a huff and not recording anything. Cannot open the*.bz2 files - encripted I guess. zmd-messages.log file is OK. Is there some configuration file or process that needs starting? Restarted ZCM but still nothing. Everything else appears OK.

Also in the loader-messages.log lot of
[DEBUG] [11/4/10 2:12:17 AM] [] [Loader.PatchSubscriptionService] [] [Failed to delete PatchDeviceStatus ] [] []
[DEBUG] [11/4/10 2:12:17 AM] [] [Loader.PatchSubscriptionService] [] [org.hibernate.AssertionFailure: possible nonthreadsafe access to session

Grateful for any ideas ?