I appreciate the error message basically means it can't find the SYS volume. This is how the problem came about. The server uses an LSI Logic 1030 raid controller that is part of an Intel motherboard on a server running Novell Netware 6.5 Sp7(?). The system was setup initially with two Seagate ST373207LW drives at SCSI IDs 0 and 1. The disk at ID 0 has died, and a replacement sourced while the server continues to run on the second disk. The replacement disk turned out to be set to SCSI ID #9, and while I was able to use the LSI RAID utility to delete the original disk 0 from the array, and add the replacement disk 9, and the server booted OK in to DOS and then into Netware, the server halted with the error ("Controlled Cryptography Services not available. Setting _admin volume's ID") before mounting any Volumes. I disconnected disk ID9, and the server started OK again on the working disk (ID1). I am proposing to change the ID of the replacement disk from 9 to 0 before trying again: is this likely to solve my problem, or will I likely have to reinstall the OS and rebuild from backup? Appreciate any suggestions. (Also posted this to LSI support). Jerome