We are currently implementing automated scheduled imaging at our site, which is working ok, but there is a missing piece which I would like to put in to remove a potential problem- the method I use is to run scheduled tasks on the (SLES) ZCM 10.3.1 server which assign imaging bundles to workstation groups at particular times, then run a second command to apply the imaging bundle. We then perform a combination of wake-on-lan for machines which are switched off, and run a zenworks bundle to reboot machines which are switched on but not logged in. When imaging completes (or after an estimated time within which we expect imaging to complete) the bundle is unassigned from the workstation group. This is quite simple and works well- but we cannot guarantee that all machines will re-image during this time- inevitably the odd one may have frozen up, or be in use, or have been switched off at the socket. For those machines which do not re-image, the 'Apply assigned imaging bundle' will remain active. Is there a way to script 'cancel imaging work to do'? Although I am unassigning the imaging bundle assignments I have made automatically, this doesn't mean that another admin user may have assigned an imaging bundle to a workstation folder/individual workstation for ad-hoc imaging and forgotten to unassign it, and we don't want machines re-imaging during the day when due to be used...these things make me lose a little bit of sleep at night..