I've never been a fan of shared folders cross post office as the gwchecks never seem to work right.

And here's a case in point, so how to fix it?

UserA has SHARED a folder to UserB and UserC in diff. post offices.

UserB and UserC have been deleted/removed from the system (their FID/accounts do NOT exist anymore)

Several weeks later, UserA still shows those users as being in the "share-ee" list and when she tries to remove those users, she gets an error stating that the user cannot be found.

1) WHY didn't the NUU and the standard synchronization/gwchecks NOT remove these users from the UserA list? (I mean we see this ALL the time especially with Frequent Contacts where it just doesn't update/remove people that are gone)

2) How to remove those users from the "shared folder" list if they are no longer here?