Will it be possible to run BES 5.1 in soap mode AND run a mobility
server once 8.0.2 hp1 comes out?

Right now we are currently running the latest BES 4.x server in soap
mode and it works fine. Groupwise backend is still at 8.0.1 hp1. We
haven't gone to 8.0.2 because it looks like 8.0.2 breaks soap mode on
the BES server. We want to install the mobility server but it requires
8.0.2, so haven't been able to as of yet because we don't want to break
BES. It looks like BES 5.1 only supports 8.0.1 hp1 and not 8.0.2 as
well. Is there a fix in sight so that we can run both BES in soap mode
and the mobility server? OAPI mode is not an option.