We now forward all of our proxy requests from our BM38 server to an up
stream proxy at our ISP using the (CERN) cache hierarchy configuration. This
works fine apart from one minor issue when trying to view a PDF file from
our own external web site.
1. Go to www.bbr.com
2. Click on Go Shopping
3. Click on Fine Wine List
4. Click on Search.
5. A list will be generated in HTML - click on the printer icon to generate
a PDF list. At this point it should work but we get the IE error "The page
cannot be displayed - cannot find server".

If we follow these steps from an IE client outside of our network it will

If we remove the cache hierarchy config and browse via the BM proxy it will

If we setup IE proxy to go directly from our own network to the ISP proxy
and miss out the BM proxy it will work.

If we forward requests from BM proxy to ISP proxy it will fail.

It's not a filtering issue (same result with filters down) and it's not an
ACL issue.

The web site maintenance company say that the PDF creation is not doing
anything clever. I don't get the same problem if I download "normal" PDF
files i.e manuals etc. The only difference I can see is that this is a PDF
document created from a dynamically created list each time.

Any ideas??