Hey Guys

We have a NW65 SP3 BM38 SP4 box that has just suddenly die from the
network on us. First of all the proxy stops responding (no errors on
console) and then a few minutes later all network connectivity stops. The
server then has to be rebooted and it will only then work for a few
minutes until the same thing happens again. We have read a few TIDS and
increased the maximum ECBS to 65535, but nothing seems to make a

After a bit of troubleshooting I have left the proxy unticked and
unloaded on the server and only now it has managed to stay up for the
past few hours and we can route mail out.

Tonight I am going to apply the latest PSP pack from HP, reapply SP3 and
post SP3 and was then thinking of reinstalling BM with all the patches..
Is this a good route to take or has anyone else come across anything