ZCM was working fine for over a month. Since last friday I have been having problems. I was adding satellite servers to our WAN sites. One of the configure satellite tasks I did failed. I rember thinking oh great... and I went on vacation for a few days. Now I returned from vacation and it seems ZCM hasn't been running the whole time. I can access ZCC fine, however the agents on the xp pcs are having problems. They do not allow you to login to zen, and they don't show any bundles or policies, which are workstation assigned. Newly installed agents show the zone/server-dns/server-address on the server properties as unknown, however previuosly installed agents show the details. I've done quite a bit of troubleshooting and I "think" the CASA is working. I removed all satellites and I deleted the closest server rules. The default closest server rules show only the server itself. If I try and add a new closest server rule I can't select the primary server. Is that normal? I could swear that it can be added just like satellites which have the required role. Does anyone have any ideas? I'll have to open an SR tomorrow as I am leaving work now. I am going to be in hells kitchen if I can't fix this tomorrow. :(