there is a Teaming service with mirrored folders. Base-System is SLES10. The
SLES mounts an NCP Volume (VOL1) from an NetWare-Server to /mnt/ncp/VOL1. In
Teaming this mount point is given to the setup. In Teaming, a folder is
created as mirrored folder. This configuration runs perfect.

But VOL1 at the NetWare runs out of space and so we decided to copy all data
1:1 from VOL1 to (a larger) VOL2. On the SLES10 we edit the ncp mount so
that now VOL2 is mounted to /mnt/ncp/VOL1. I think Teaming should not
observe that the volume at the NetWare-Server has changed because in teaming
ist configured: use /mnt/ncp/VOL1

But since the change the old mirrored folders want be synced. If i create a
new folder as mirrored folder the new folder is synced.

How teaming notice that the Volume has changed? What can i do to sync the
old folders, too?