Hello there =)

I'm thinking 5-10 years ahead with out ZCM solution and due to limitations currently present, we need to build the ZCM solution in VM's and then move it to physical hardware when that arrives several weeks from now.

I've been successfully able to move the Certificate Authority on my ZCM servers from one server to another and install new servers with the new server as the parent after I killed the old parent primary.

However, I am unable to change the internal CA, how do I approach this?
I've tried to use the command: zman server-certificate-add

However, this does not appear in the servers certificate store(Windows).
I've for testing purposes, exported the entire CA + private key from eDir, with password in a PFX file. This does not work.

Following the installation doc, it wants 2-3 files since it appears I need to go to an External CA when renewing the certificate. I've created these according to an article (Cool Solutions: AppNote: Installing ZENworks 10 Configuration Management using External Certificates), sadly it does not work either.

Any hints/tips?

Kind Regards,
Rune Darrud