Hi Everyone,

I have a small problem that I'm sure has a simple solution, but has me stumped. We use Zenworks primarily for distributing software to our users, and most of our applications are assigned to groups of users from within Zenworks - so when they login to a machine, Zen will automatically log in and they will see a list of all the applications that we have assigned them. This process works perfectly on physical machines. However, we are now starting to deploy VMware View 4.5 VDI's, and would like to continue to use Zenworks Configuration Management on them. The problem I have is that when a user logs in to any of the VDI's, Zenworks doesn't automatically log them in, which means they don't see any of their applications. The user can right click on the Zen trey icon and login manually, but this is causing confusion with our users. Is there any way of getting Zen to automatically login on our VDI's? I'm guessing it may have something to do with the gina, but can't pinpoint exactly what.

Many thanks in advance for your help.