I installed build 115 and did the first sync to my original Droid. I noticed a few things though. The biggest concern is that my initial screen is showing ALL of my folders on this initial screen. I have a "Cabinet" folder that holds many subfolders. For some odd reason, I still see my cabinet folder, but all the folders that should be under it are at the same level as every other folder. So, my main screen is a mess with 30+ folders in it. Is this a Droid quirk or is this an issue on my end. Have other Droid users seen this same thing?

The other thing I notice is that some GroupWise folders are missing:
-Work in Progress
-and the "Cabinet" folder which holds most of the folders now at the root

I also do not see any content in my trashbin.

Otherwise, it seems to work pretty well. I see my frequent contacts, calendar and messages have sync'd for the initial 3 days normally. Thanks for any and all replies.