Everything has been running fine with NSM for the past 79 days. And then the server abended.

Since the abend and reboot earlier this week, NSM server will abend within an hour of reloading NSM.
I am able to run consistency checks, etc....

NW 6.5 SP8 (note, no post patches)

NSM (I've redownloaded and did a fresh "upgrade" install incase a NSM file might be correct.

Hardware diags were ran on server and nothing showed up as an issue other than one stick of memory.
This memory has been replaced.

Things done:
1. rebooted server
2. rebooted again
3. ran hardware diags, finding one bad stick of memory
4. rebooted again with no nsm running and server stayed up all night with no issues
5. reloaded nsm and server abended about an hour later.

Any suggestions other than maybe investigating corrupt database. Maybe critical NW 6.5 SP8 patches.