I am having a fairly similar issue to a post http://forums.novell.com/novell-prod...pu-normal.html that we've been trying to figure out for the last few months.

What we did see originally was before staff/students came back to school everything was fine, but immediately, our primary server just choked bad. Ended up finding out that the auto refresh for the launcher was set to 15 minutes and after switching to manual we didn't have any big problems.

Now, we end up rebooting our two primary servers pretty much daily since the login times for Win7 is slowing quite rapidly and responsiveness of imaging and the ZCM web interface gets really slow. The biggest thing I see is that the Free memory drops 6.5Gb's within an hour (down to 0) on both primary servers when our district logs into the computers.

Background on our current setup:
1 - Sattelite authentication server, 56Gb Ram, 8x2.4Ghz Zeon's, Win Serv 2008 Ent 64bit on a physical HP DL585 G5 (I know it's overkill, was just a spare server)
2 - Primary Servers (using closest server rule to divide the district in half), Running Win Serv 2008 Std 64bit, 8Gb Ram, 4x 3.2Ghz vCpu's, running inside VMware ESX 4.0u1
1 - Database server, dedicated to ZCM only, Win Serv 2008 Std 64bit, 8Gb Ram, 4x3.2Ghz vCpu's, running inside VMware ESX 4.0u1, SQL 2008

Our first primary server is also the preboot server. Imaging is done off of either one of the primary servers, but not during peak user hours (we're working on getting another server built to dedicate to imaging and one for management). And our management is done off of either server as well and we only have 15 people that use the web interface of ZCM.

We have 4,250 devices and about 15,000 users running Windows 7 32bit.

ZCM version is 10.3.0 and will be updated by our Zen guy to 10.3.1 by next Friday.

The database we have is currently 32.5Gb and teh zStatusEvent table is 4.2Gb and zObjectInfo table is 7.6Gb.

I'm wondering if applying the 7004256 TID will do anything for us and what effects removing the "FullSysReqEvaluation" status's out of that table will do for us.

Our login time for Win7 have been kept to 2 minutes and below for the majority of the time, but randomly (depending on how many people log in however fast and simultaneous), the primary servers start getting slow and login times start to increase. Restarting the ZenServer service works for a while without having to reboot, but only for a short period. Some thought it may be a memory leak issue, but I don't believe this is the case. Prior to staff/students logging in, I found that restarting the SQL service on the ZCM database server cured things instantly, which makes me wonder how long it takes for some of the queries to run through some of the bigger tables in the database.

I think I have enough info in here, but if you need more, let me know. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help my sanity!