Is this normal operation, that 2 instances of cifsd are running on a
simple OES2SP2 64-bit server, being used only for file access via NCP
and CIFS?

I recently discovered, that 2 cifsd processes are running on this file
server, but only one of those processes has a /var/run/ file
with it's pid and only this process seems to handle connections via
CIFS. I can end the other process without seeing problems for users.

If I issue rcnovell-cifs start 2 processes are started, the same
applies to a reboot of the server.

One negative thing I saw, is that a restart of cifsd doesn't clear CIFS
file locks.

Furthermore I see, that upon reboot of the server the cifsd sets
several locks for directories at server startup, which are not accessed
by anybody.
W. Prindl