Just getting started wit ZCM.. currently using ZFD7.. I have a new ZCM server setup (10.3) all patched up to currentl.. installed the adaptive agent on a winxp client that previously had ZFD7 agent on it (1st computer we attempted to connect to ZCM).. all seems fine -- all policies show up and everything seems to work just fine EXCEPT I cannot remote control the client.. I get the dropdown box of rights/password - I leave it at rights... and then I click remote control, the remote desktop never appears. Im sure Im missing something stupid.. My question is do I need to have the adaptive agent installed on the machine Im using to try to control the remote computer with ??
The remote XP computer has the adaptive agent on it obvoiusly, but my computer does not - is that a issue ?? Like I say, Im just getting my feet wet on ZCM so it is like a oversight on my part of some setting.. Thanks in advance