The school district I work for has contracted with for online software tutorials. The tutorials are formatted to use the IE QickTime plugin. The problem is that movies don't always load. The user will select a tutorial to view and the QT IE plugin window will appear, but the movie will not play. If you press F5 (refresh) within the QT window, the tutorial starts right up. Sometimes you can view a few QT movies without any problem, but then every QT movie tutorial after that won't load until your press F5. As far as I know this problem has come to light in just the last week or so. I did apply BM38sp4ir2a a couple of weeks ago, but I can't see how that would affect QT movies viewed via the IE plugin. The movies are streamed on port 80. Proxy servers are all NW6.5sp4a w/BM38sp4ir2a. The F5 (refresh) is not an ideal fix, but is better than nothing. Any thoughts on why this may be happening would be greatly appreciated.

-Ted T.