We have the following system:
Netware 5 with SP6a
NBM 3.5 with SP3

My problem is as follows:

1) I can ping some internet hosts and some cannot. It says "Could not
understand ...... Make sure that NETDB.NLM is loaded and
sys:\etc\resolve.cfg is configured correctly...". I have checked that
netdb.nlm is loaded and the resolve.cfg is correct. I can also ping the
DNS name server IPs that are configured in the resolve.cfg file.

2) When browsing the internet through the Proxy, i can also browse some
web sites and some cannot. The error is "502 Bad Gateway. DNS Host name
resolution failed". But i can browse using the IP address instead of the
host name.

I tried connecting the internet line directly to a Windows computer using
the same IP address and DNS server IPs that i used in the BM server and i
have no problem pinging internet hosts and broswing internet sites.

Need help very badly.