Have to migrate our Grouwpsie server from Netware to OES.
Yesterday I made the first part, moved the domain and it's gwia (it's a
gwia for internal mails only) to the new server.

I used the gwmove guide from Danita what is a very good one, I think.

First start of gwia failed after migration and I found that the
configure set the home switch correctly to the new location but set a
wrong dhome path in the gwia.cfg. After changed it manually gwia starts.

Most components are working after migration.
MTA = POA Link is ok
Connection to second domain with external gwia is working
Mailing to and from Internet also
Using the internal giwa is also ok
Managing objects from ConsoleOne on the Linux/OES Server is also ok

So I tried to access configuration with ConsoleOne from Windows.
First start after migration I had to give C1 the new mapped location
(installed GW on a NSS volume) and C1 started well.

Problems 1 + 2:
But when I try to access the details of the internal GWIA (the migrated
one) I always get an error message, that file
"\media\nss\gwvol\wpdomain\wpgate\gwia\gwac.dc " couldnt be found. This
path is -from the OES view- correct and the file exists. Doing a right
click on gwia object and show object infos in the Groupwise Section (the
bottom entrie) I see: "UNC Path: <path>"
The path shown here is wrong, it's pointing to the unc path on the old

I dont know how / where I can change these problems?

The external gwia is also running on an OES server and I can admin it
with my Windows C1 without any problems. So it seems to be a problem
with this gwia?

Can I repair it or do I have to delete and recreate this GWIA?

Problem 3:
Still in C1 Windows
Connecting to another domain (on OES) to manage it.
The try to connect to the fresh migrated primary domain I get an error
message saying "cannot acces domain database at location

Is there also something wrong with the properties of the migrated
primary domain?