I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with iWeb, and if so, had
they encountered any problems using it behind BM. I am not a Mac guy
at all, but there are a couple of people here that want to use Macs and
I'm trying to facilitate them. They are able to get on the web with no
problem via the browser-based SSL login. However, when they try to
"publish" something to their "iWeb" site (i.e. - upload photos,
podcasts, etc), they get an error saying "connection not established,
check network connection". I've looked around the web for info on
this, but I haven't been enable to find much of anything. I did find a
few people on Mac's support site saying that they were experiencing the
same error when using iWeb behind a proxy server. Like I said, I'm
familiar with many things "Mac", including this iWeb.. but I figured
I'd throw it out there and see if anyone else had any experience with
it. We're using BM 3.8.4. Could I maybe try giving one of the Mac's a
static IP and setup NAT for it to bypass BM?
Thanks for any help!